What we will do


I am Muharrem ARSLAN I was born in Adana. I enrolled in a vocational school in 2014. At a young age, I always had a desire to disassemble and repair a device. I disassembled many devices but could not fix any of them, on the contrary, I broke them and left. It was time to choose a profession in high school and I chose the Automation technologies field on the advice of my father, but we thought that this department was more about cars, but it was not, on the contrary, it was the department I wanted. When I learned that electronic card making, Soldering, robot making, coding and many other fields, my enthusiasm increased and I fell in love with this field. We participated in many competitions, we clashed with our competitors in the categories of drone, smart home, robot arm, line follower robots, sumo war robots. These competitions broadened my horizons.
I finished high school and placed in the associate degree program, but I did not get what I wanted here, I got placed in the undergraduate program with the vertical transfer exam and now I am studying Mechatronics Engineering at Pamukkale University.
In the meantime, I worked in many companies, I took part in many projects, I give remote support to the company I work for now.
Let's get to the main topic :)

I tried to write a lot of blogs before, but it was always unfinished, I wrote a lot of blogs last year, I was going to share all of them collectively, but there was a problem and I lost the files I wrote. Anyway, after that, I decided to share everything I wrote directly. :)

Blogs will be mostly on Stm32, Arduino, Altium designer and mobile applications. Especially Ilot projects will see a lot.